Rock Solid Identity Theft Monitoring and Restoration Services

Identity theft cannot be prevented

  • Over 10 million people, or nearly one in five adults, have had their identity stolen. Every three seconds another American becomes a victim.
  • Each year, another 500,000 children, half of them under the age of six, becomes victims of identity theft as well.
  • Last year, 23 percent of all victims of data breaches also ended up becoming fraud victims because of the breach. In all, there were 761 data breaches in the United States last year, which exposed the personal information of 83,176,279 persons.
  • In spite of the names of the giant retailers, banks and government agencies that were breached, 56% of all data breaches were against small to medium businesses.

The solution: ITUSCO

ITUSCO, LLC has developed significant solutions to help consumers, families and businesses alike.

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